Seeded Memorial Card x10


Seeded Memorial Cards x10


These Beautiful personalised memorial cards are crafted from  wildflower seeded paper including the very apt ” forget-me-not ” and if required can be threaded ( by me ) with black or deep purple ribbon so they can be attached to an order of service ( as shown in photographs ) this was our choice when we needed them ourselves , as something your family & friends could keep and grow to remember your loved one.

All will arrive with there own instructions on how to plant and care for your seeded card.

All eco friendly and biodegradable .. my packaging is also made of 100% recyclable materials  so also helping to save the planet instead of using something that will just get thrown into a bin …

They can be ordered to suit any occasion, with different wording or graphics so please feel free to contact me via the contact section at the bottom of the home page or call me on the telephone number also provided on main page to discuss your personal requirements.

W 8.5cm    H 2.5cm


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